Apple Airpods Pro 2021 likely to get In-Air Gestures & more

Apple in October 2019 released brand new AirPods Pro with a much better fit, and an improved design and with cutting edge active noise cancellation that gets appreciated by many music lovers.

Apple expected to release its successor next year. The company is unlikely to change the design of Pods and most of the features will be there. Interestingly the new patient filing by Apple gives sneak-peek that the AirPods Pro 2021 will support in-air gestures.

Gesture support has made all its way its way to some premium wireless headphones from Sony and Bose, and now Apple is ready to offer the feature on its coming AirPods Pro as well. In-air gestures ensure people don’t have to tap on the AirPods to play/pause or receive calls. Instead, as given in the patent, the company will incorporate capacitive sensors inside the AirPods. With this, the device will be able to detect when a hand is coming close to the AirPods. And this way, the user will able to control music playback, activate Siri or receive calls through the wireless pods.

In addition to this, gestures can be used to activate ambient mode for noise cancellation on the AirPods Pro. The feature is also a handy tool for people who are specially-abled. Gestures will allow them to control the device without having to press a button or touch at a specific point. We’re excited to see if this patented technology makes way to the next AirPods.

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