5 Reasons to start using VPN

In this article, we’re going to highlight five reasons why you might want to subscribe to one of the VPN. Well, you may have heard of a VPN or Virtual Private Network and are wondering what all the is about don’t worry we got you covered

As the name itself suggests, VPNs can help maintain your privacy online and give you better security by surfing the web privately. But there are plenty of other reasons why you might want to get used to one, such as being able to get around regional restrictions – great for entertainment. Let’s get started


A VPN provides you with an additional layer of security when you’re online because the data you’re sending is encrypted while it’s transferred.

In other words, even if an attacker can intercept your data, they won’t be able to make any sense of it, because the data will be encrypted and therefore unreadable. You’re certainly safer and more secure when going online with a VPN, and it comes in especially helpful with the potentially insecure networks such as public Wi-Fi.


VPN lets you browse anonymously by giving you a different IP, therefore hiding your real online identity, so you can’t be located and your online actions cannot be traced back to your PC. That sort of tracing is how companies can see what you’ve browsed and target adverts at you using that information.

Some good VPNs also provide extra protection with a feature called a kill switch, which ensures that if the VPN connection drops your internet connection is blocked off so your real IP isn’t revealed while the VPN is down (so keep in mind that a VPN without a kill switch can be riskier).


Another advantage of using a VPN is to switch your IP address that you can find a way around regional restrictions. In other words, by choosing to go through a VPN server in a different country, you will have an IP which marks your connection as being in said country.

For example, if you’re in the India, connecting to a US-based server with your VPN means (hopefully) you can watch Netflix US or other American-based streaming services.

We say ‘hopefully’ because streaming services are aware of this practice, and do try to block VPN users from pulling off this trick – but many of the best Netflix VPNs are pretty successful when it comes to evading detection.


A VPN can save you money? But wait, you might think – isn’t it necessary to pay for these services?

Well, That’s because using a VPN server to appear in a different country isn’t just useful for streaming, but it can also potentially get you better prices when online shopping, most obviously with the likes of flights, where buying from a different country may see a considerable difference in the price of a ticket in your favor. These kind of savings can add up in the end.


There are a ton of free VPN providers out there that won’t charge you a penny. There are arguments as to how trustworthy some of the free VPNs might be, but pick a good one and you can get yourself some solid VPN protection at no cost, which is surely a great reason to get on board with the above benefits.

Later on, if you decide you want to overcome any limitations a free plan might have – which may include daily or monthly bandwidth limits, or not much choice of servers, you can subscribe to a premium service. That will be a must if you do end up using it to stream Netflix shows or if you want to use it as a VPN for torrenting.

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