The Redmond-based software-makers, Microsoft teamed up with one of the biggest tyre manufacturers of the world, Bridgestone to develop the world’s first tyre damage monitoring system (TDMS). The technology aims to increase road safety by leaps and bounds as most of the car accidents happen because of bad roads or damaged tyres.

Previously, we have seen Microsoft work for better transportation solutions in India. Now, the company is aiming to prevent further accidents due to deadly potholes and unreliable tyres with its first-of-its-kind vehicle safety system.

The tyre damage monitoring system (TDMS) by Microsoft and Bridgestone will connect to Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP). It will use the MCVP’s cloud framework to take and analyze sensor data from the existing hardware in the car. As a result, the system will work with any modern car without any additional fittings.

Now, apart from monitoring the tyres of a car in real-time, the system will give regular updates about the condition of the tyres. When one or more tyres of a car get heavily damaged, the system will alert the driver about the situation. Upon further analysis of the data, it can even show the exact area in which the tyre was damaged. So this can help road authorities detect the spots on the roads that are a safety hazard to drivers and fix them accordingly.

According to the findings of Bridgestone, 30% of all car accidents happened because of technical failure related to tyres. So, the inception of this system in future cars will hugely increase road safety and reduce accidents due to bad tyres.

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