New Announcements from Ubisoft

    Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

    Ubisoft gave a more in-depth look at the latest of its historical fiction games, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’ll be coming to Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, Google Stadia and PC in November.

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    Ubisoft announced new additions to its war simulation game, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, offering new ways to play the game, among other things.

    Hyper Scape

    Ubisoft’s getting into the battle royale genre of gaming, which is headed up by one of the world’s most widely played games, Fortnite.

    Watch Dogs Legion

    The company gave another look at its hacking game, Watch Dogs Legion, which will be coming out in October.

    FarCry 6

    Ubisoft announced the latest installment in its lone-wolf-against-the-world series, FarCry 6, which is set in a fictionalized Cuba-like country. It’ll be released in February 2021.

    That’s it for today and we have to watch out for more updates in 2nd Ubisoft Forward event. Stay tuned till then and keep playing

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