OnePlus reveals what the ‘Nord’ means

You probably know by now that the OnePlus Nord is not a singular phone but the name of a whole new series from OnePlus. The company has confirmed that it will launch affordable smartphones under the Nord line, starting with the first phone in the series which will be priced under $500.

But why the name OnePlus Nord? What’s the story behind it? Well, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has finally spilled the beans and it’s got nothing to do with Nordic countries or people.

According to Pei, the name Nord “comes from the concept of true north.

“This product line reminds us to always search for our true north, and we hope it will keep reminding you of yours,” he wrote in a tweet.

“True north” is basically a guiding principle and refers to the ideal direction in which someone or something should be headed. So for OnePlus, it could mean a return to its “Never Settle” mantra or its original strategy of offering premium yet affordable devices.

OnePlus’ flagships are still premium but they no longer come at head-turning prices like before. A new smartphone line will now give OnePlus the opportunity to dabble in the mid-range segment while keeping its flagship offerings separate. Let’s hope prices for phones in this new series don’t keep climbing up with each passing year as they have for OnePlus’ flagship phones.






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