Facebook Messenger is Getting Screen Sharing on iOS and Android

    In an era where video calling has become a lot more important than it once used to, companies are doing more and more to make things easier for the users. From paid services going free to the introduction of better security, we have seen a massive change in the video calling scenario as of late. With that said, Facebook Messenger is now getting an option of screen sharing on both iOS and Android.

    With Screen Sharing, Facebook Messenger Aims to Make Things More Accessible for the Users

    The feature is coming to Facebook Messenger on both operating systems and will allow the users to share their displays with each other while they are on a call. This is what Facebook’s Product Manager Nora Micheva had to say,

    Screen sharing allows people to instantly share their screen with friends and family one-on-one or in a group video call with up to eight people and up to 16 people in Rooms while using Messenger on their mobile devices.

    The feature is going to roll out soon and this is how it is going to look like.

    Facebook states that you will be able to share the screen with up to eight people when you are in a group video call. The same feature is also coming to Messenger Rooms where the limit is up to 16 people.

    The new feature’s development was accelerated mainly because of the social isolation that we have been experiencing and it is believed that this is the perfect time for such a feature to be rolled out.

    Facebook is not the only company trying to work on creating a better experience as many companies in the past have taken steps to promote video conferencing on a much higher level and giving it more and more priority. So, seeing this feature come to Facebook Messenger does help a lot.

    The feature will be available on both the iOS and Android version of Facebook Messenger.

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